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AGT Time is a weekly podcast that covers the NBC hit talent competition, America's Got Talent. Cody and Jay recap the season when the show airs during the summer-time. During the offseason, they rewatch older seasons. AGT Commenter, a frequent contributor, appears on the podcast to give expert analysis about the acts. We love talking to current and former contestants about their experience on the show. 

Podcast episodes come out on Fridays.

May 27, 2024

Cody and AGT Commenter close out the AGT Rewatachable season 4 by putting together their dream AGT season. How many auditions would they have? Golden Buzzers? Judge Cuts? 


In this episode of AGT Time, Cody and AGTCommenter discuss their ideal version of America's Got Talent. They draft their dream hosts and judges and discuss various aspects of the show, including the number of auditions, golden buzzers, and live shows. Cody selects Nick Cannon as his host, while AGTCommenter chooses Terry Crews. For judges, Cody picks Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, while AGTCommenter selects Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. They also consider other potential judges, such as Brandy, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Sharon Osbourne. The conversation focuses on the format of the auditions and second round of auditions in America's Got Talent. They discuss the location of the show, the number of audition episodes, the use of golden buzzers, and the format of the second round. They also mention the importance of audience participation and the need for a more intimate setting for the second round. In this part of the conversation, Cody and AGTCommenter discuss the logistics of the live shows, including the number of acts, the format of the rounds, and the voting process. They agree to have 36 acts in the live shows, with 4 judge cuts episodes and 3 quarterfinals. They also discuss the possibility of having wild cards chosen by the judges and voted on by the audience. They suggest using rank choice voting to determine the winners and eliminating the Duncan save and judges' choice. They also consider the timing of the voting deadline and the need for limits on the number of votes per person. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts discuss their ideas for improving the show, including introducing a Platinum Buzzer, changing the voting system, and incorporating more camera angles and behind-the-scenes footage. They also discuss the possibility of using the streaming platform Peacock to enhance the viewing experience. The hosts share their excitement for the upcoming season and express their gratitude to the listeners.


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  • The hosts and judges play a crucial role in shaping the show's dynamics and providing feedback to the contestants.
  • A combination of comedic and honest judges can create a balanced and entertaining panel.
  • The judges' ability to select golden buzzer acts is an important factor in driving views and creating memorable moments.
  • The show's format and structure, including the number of auditions, live shows, and advancements, can greatly impact the overall viewer experience.
  • The hosts and judges should have a good rapport and be able to play off each other's personalities.
  • Consideration should be given to diversity and representation when selecting hosts and judges. The location of the show should remain in Hollywood during the summer.
  • There should be six audition episodes, with auditions held in major cities across the US.
  • Opinions differ on the use of golden buzzers, with one person advocating for their removal and the other suggesting a limited number of golden buzzers.
  • The second round of auditions should involve audience participation and be held in a more intimate setting.
  • The format of the second round should allow all contestants to perform and avoid immediate eliminations. The live shows should have 36 acts, with 4 judge cuts episodes and 3 quarterfinals.
  • Wild cards can be chosen by the judges and voted on by the audience.
  • Rank choice voting can be used to determine the winners, with limits on the number of votes per person.
  • The Duncan save and judges' choice should be eliminated from the voting process.
  • The voting deadline should be later in the day to allow more time for viewers to watch the episode and cast their votes. Introduce a Platinum Buzzer in the auditions, which sends the act straight to the finals
  • Change the voting system to rank choice or limit the total number of votes
  • Incorporate more camera angles and behind-the-scenes footage to enhance the viewing experience
  • Consider using the streaming platform Peacock to provide additional content and varied viewing experiences
  • Express excitement for the upcoming season and gratitude to the listeners