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AGT Time is a weekly podcast that covers the NBC hit talent competition, America's Got Talent. Cody and Jay recap the season when the show airs during the summer-time. During the offseason, they rewatch older seasons. AGT Commenter, a frequent contributor, appears on the podcast to give expert analysis about the acts. We love talking to current and former contestants about their experience on the show. 

Podcast episodes come out on Fridays.

Apr 13, 2024

AGT Rewatchable on season 12 semifinalist mentalist Colin Cloud. More dissention on headline/footnote. Do Colin's performances hold up? Scotland talk, old Twitter talk. 


Colin Cloud, a mentalist and self-proclaimed real-life Sherlock Holmes, appeared on Season 12 of AGT. Known for his fast-talking and smooth...

Apr 5, 2024

In this part of the conversation, the hosts and guest discuss the audition performance of Zurcaroh, a dance and acrobatics group. They highlight the impressive strength and skills of the performers, as well as the intricate and thoughtfully designed costumes. The judges are in awe of the performance, with...

Mar 22, 2024

Hiii Listeners, this week's Rewatchable is on the funny and quirky season 8 runner-up Taylor Williamson. We're joined by Corey Cesare from Talent Recap who is still calibrating the scoring system. 

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About AGT Time Podcast

AGT Time Podcast is a weekly...

Mar 2, 2024

It's Leap Day and the most recent America's Got Talent spin-off is complete, so we have put together our own AGT Rewatchable spin-off and brought you our own personal AGT Rewatchables. This is not a rewatchable of just one act, but a collaboration of some of our favorite AGT acts. AGT Commenter brought forward 5 acts...

Dec 31, 2023

The Silhouettes, a shadow dancing group, were a feel-good act on America's Got Talent. They were founded in March 2009 by Lynn Waggoner-Patton in Denver, Colorado. The group consists of performers aged 4 to 18 and has raised over $100,000 for homeless children in the US. The Silhouettes appeared as a guest...