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AGT Time is a weekly podcast that covers the NBC hit talent competition, America's Got Talent. Cody and Jay recap the season when the show airs during the summer-time. During the offseason, they rewatch older seasons. AGT Commenter, a frequent contributor, appears on the podcast to give expert analysis about the acts. We love talking to current and former contestants about their experience on the show. 

Podcast episodes come out on Fridays.

Mar 31, 2023

Cody brings AGT Commenter down to Earth as we talk about the often-forgotten, 3rd place finisher, William Close, from America's Got Talent season 7. We go into his mysterious background, as well as his audition, amazing quarterfinals performance, and the rest of the live show performances. William Close is known for...

Sep 30, 2022

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the season 17 fifth-place finisher, Chapel Hart after one of their concerts to talk to them about their Golden Buzzer moment as well as their finale performance. If you liked what you saw on America's Got Talent, their performances do not disappoint. 


Sep 24, 2022

Kristy Sellars from season 17 joins Cody and Jay to talk about her time on America's Got Talent. She talks about how she puts together her shows, her costuming, and what the future may hold. Jay and Kristy reminisce about his time going to see Qualifiers 5 and how a live show compares to the television production.


Sep 15, 2022

A champion was crowned for season 17 of America's Got Talent and it was AGT Commenter for our fantasy league. Cody and Jay get together immediately after the results are announced and break down the finale. There were very high highs and some lows. They also give their thoughts on the format now that we've seen it in...

Sep 9, 2022

Cody Patterson, the Handsome One, is joined by special guest Sara Fergenson (@SaraFergenson), the Sweet One, as they recap America's Got Talent Season 17 Qualifiers 5. They break down the final 11 acts of the Qualifiers round and the top 2 from this performance that go into the finale. They also talk about the wildcard...